Hey Albert (2015- )

Albert Bushwick stands on the same street corner since 1971. Please follow his Facebook Page: Albert Bushwick. Every Monday there will be a photo of pseudo Google street view, and a conversation beyond/within life.

May 30, 2016

M: Hey Albert, can I sit right next to you? I am curious how it feels like while passing time in the street. 
A: Sure. It just feels like sitting on a beach, looking at the ocean. 
M: Why?
A: Look, the sun bakes you. The dirt is sand, some green surrounding you, people walking dogs, kids laughing, and the cars flowing like water. 
M: That is cool. But I could only see a freaking big van park in front of me and block the beach view. 
A: That’s a ship comes from Hawaii. Those marine sailors are shopping in the local liquor store now.