From EWR Airport

Option 1


By Taxi or Uber (DO NOT take any car service who approaches you in the airport )

The cost varies, depending on time and traffic. It could be around $100 -120, plus 10-15% tips. 

Option 2

By Bus/Subway Train

EWR is located in New Jersey. It would be a bit long trip to travel to Brooklyn by public transportation, which would take more than 1 hour and 30 mins. But it might be faster than Taxi during peak hours! 

Take Newark Airport Express Bus ($18.7 for one way, or $33 for round trip) to Bryan Park stop in Manhattan. You can buy the bus ticket from the bus station at terminals or click

Take F or M train from Bryan Park to Delancey St(Downtown direction) Transfer to J train (Jamaica Center direction). MTA cost: $2.90 per ride(with transfers), or $34 for weekly pass.

Get off J train at Kosciusko, you will see a supermarket on Broadway and Kossuth Pl.
Make a left turn at Kossuth Pl, walk 1 block to Bushwick Ave.
Turn right at Bushwick Ave, walk 2 blocks towards Van Buren St.
You will see the building is at the corner of Bushwick ave and Van Buren St.

*For cheaper ways to travel (with more transfers), please use Google Maps Directions.