01. Building


Please find our building at the corner of Van Buren St and Bushwick Ave. 

02. Gate


You will need the passcode to access the gate. 

The Gate Code is C12678

03. Entry Door


The Entry Door is on the left side. The instruction is as below. You will

1. Put your hand on the Touch Screen, where the keyboard will show up.

2. Type the temporary code 03240*  Please don’t forget the * key. The lock will be released immediately.

3. Auto lock is enabled.


04. Your Room


Your room door is on the TOP floor next to the boilers. There is a Black sticker sign on your door. The room is prepared. Please find the keys in the room and read the info papers in the black folder on the table.

***Please take screenshots of all of above if you don’t have roaming data in the US. We will always stay in touch!